Founded in 1978, Paschal•Murray is an established leader committed to providing a streamlined, client-centered approach to executive searches. The firm specializes in filling positions in philanthropy, organizational advancement and nonprofit management, as well as other contexts where fundraising is a primary mechanism for generating support. Over the past 45 years, we have provided our services to clients in nearly every state in the US and worked in several foreign countries as well. Whether you are looking to recruit a fundraising professional for your nonprofit organization, an alumni director at your university, or a new president for your foundation, we’re here to assist you in finding high-quality candidates and making an informed selection with confidence.

One of our greatest strengths is that the senior executives of Paschal•Murray have professional experience in fundraising and Human Resources, with extensive connections across these fields. These relationships, along with a sizable database of qualified professionals, allow our firm to identify a large pool of quality candidates for the position you are looking to fill. We are continually working to keep these networks up to date, so you have access to current leads and the best talent available. The other major asset we bring to each of our clients is the firm’s dedication to upholding business ethics and promoting best practices in the not-for-profit sector. When tailoring a search process to your HR requirements, ensuring compliance with employment law, and seeking candidates that match your organizational culture and values, we offer informed guidance at every step.

PM Client List

We are proud of the extensive, varied list of past and current Paschal•Murray clients and the positive feedback we receive consistently. Each time we successfully place a candidate in a new position (see a list of positions filled), the firm’s network of clients and understanding of the talent pool continue to grow. Our investment in ensuring the process is positive and smooth for both parties is what enables us to become more effective and well connected. Our commitment to providing this experience is why you will only work directly with our senior executives to find your next new hire.

Our logo—an empty chair—represents an open position that we work with our clients to fill.