James E. Connell FAHP, CSA

Talent Advisor – Planned Giving

James E. Connell, FAHP, CSA has an active thirty-seven year involvement in fundraising and charitable estate planning. He currently assists charities throughout the U.S. and Canada to grow their future endowment funds while helping donors increase their income and decrease their taxes.

Mr. Connell holds BS and MEd. degrees. He is a Fellow of the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy and a Certified Senior Advisor. His careers include a college professor, fund raiser and consultant in estate and gift planning.

He has held positions at Society for the Propagation of the Faith, Presbyterian-University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Robert Packer Hospital/Guthrie Clinic and Donald Guthrie Foundation for Medical Research, Medical College of Pennsylvania, and Duke Children’s Hospital.

Mr. Connell is involved in several professional and civic activities. He has published over 55 articles, several book chapters, and is an experienced speaker. He has twice received the AHP Professional Papers Award, first in 1992 for his work on “Demographics and the Changing Landscape of Planned Giving,” and again in 1997 with Richard Green JD, FAHP for work on American Healthcare Endowments. In 1997 he was the 27th recipient of the prestigious AHP Harold J. (Si) Seymour International Honors Award, the profession’s highest honor.

In 1989, Jim founded James E. Connell & Associates a fundraising and consulting firm. The firm provides a broad range of fundraising services primarily to hospitals, health systems and health care delivery organizations.

Jim Connell is well known among planned giving professionals, nationally and this comes from his history of supporting professionals in the field and the organizations that promote ethical standards and practices that meet stringent government regulations.

Paschal•Murray is delighted to have Jim Connell serve as Talent Advisor – Planned Giving.

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