Susie Walters

Research Associate – Reference Interviews

Susie Walters lives in Nags Head, North Carolina where she conducts research and reference checks for Paschal•Murray. Susie has 30 years of financial experience. She served for 19 years as the Secretary/Treasurer of Seamark Enterprises, Inc., and nine years in the Finance Department of Dare County Schools. She pays sharp attention to detail at every level of the research and reference process. She knows the importance of finding the most qualified and verified individuals for employment.

Additionally, Susie has served for twelve years as an elected official. Four of those years were on the Dare County School Board and she most recently concluded eight years of service as the Mayor Pro Tem of Nags Head, North Carolina. Susie excels at working with people to develop and execute a vision for the future. She enjoys working with the leadership team at Paschal•Murray to help recruit talented professionals for their clients.

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